There’s no perfect word

Last night’s baseball game between the Cardinals and the Nationals defies an easy description. It was a comeback for the ages, and an affirmation that no sport–no human endeavor, really–can surpass baseball for sheer drama. People will snicker at such a suggestion, but I don’t care. Nothing outside the realm of life and death could have been more compelling than the game that was played last night.

I wrote a piece for TTFB where I tried to take an angle that nobody else would, and I think I may have done that. The old baseball cards above relate to that story.

There will be lots of words applied to last night’s game, and to the playoffs as a whole. They’ll all be fitting, but none are really up to the task of describing what happened. Searching for that one word is a satisfying challenge, all by itself. Perhaps one day I’ll find it, and write about it when I do. But for now, this is the best I can do: Wow!

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