The Romney Files, Part I

As the election draws near, there seems to be a frenzy on both sides about wooing undecided voters. So to that end, here are some of my thoughts about Willard M. Romney, presented in chronological order as they appeared in this space:


During the Republican primary season, I wrote this in response to the suggestion that those who didn’t like Romney were envious of him.

In May, the story of the Cranbrook assault in 1965 came out, and I wrote this piece wondering how the candidate could possibly forget what he had done.

With Cranbrook still on my mind, I wrote this piece comparing Romney to Draco Malfoy. It’s still one of my favorites.

In July, as the tax returns controversy was going on, I wrote this about what Romney’s behavior was saying to me.

Toward the end of July, during that disastrous foreign trip that he made (remember “Romneyshambles”?), I wrote this story that I had learned about on a trip to Boston.

In early August, I responded to a deliberate misrepresentation of “You didn’t build that” with this piece.

The very next day, I decided to let the letters in the candidates’ names speak to me, and this is what they said.

And this just takes us up to the eve of the Republican Convention. We’ll pick up there with the next post.

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