It wasn’t even close

Yesterday was a big day for college football. Nebraska came to Evanston to play my Northwestern Wildcats, and the game was televised on ABC. None of that would have been possible in the days when I was at Northwestern, but so much has changed since then (take the internet, for starters) and those changes are all for the better.

I gave some thought to watching the game on ABC yesterday afternoon. In fact, I would have planned on it except for one thing: my younger daughter’s play started at 3 PM. She’s put a lot of work into it, and the story itself is very amusing. All of the kids in the show are very talented, too, so it’s a good experience for her to be a part of it.

There are only six performances of the show, and then it will be gone forever. The football game, on the other hand, will be archived, written about, and endlessly available online for whenever I want to watch it. So as interesting as the football game might have been, I made the right choice by going to see the play instead. And my little one lit up the stage, just as she always does.

I got to listen to the end of the game on the radio, and watch the game-deciding field goal on TV from the comfort of my living room. My team lost by the closest of margins (one lousy, stinking point!), but the decision–whether to watch the game or go see the play–was nowhere near that close.


2 thoughts on “It wasn’t even close

  1. Speaking as someone from HuskerLand, I’m sorry for the win…that game was a joke. But as you beautifully put, that game will be analysed to death. You made the right choice enjoying your daughter’s show over a football game. That speaks louder to your personality and views on parenting than anything else ❤

    • There’s never any need to apologize for a win. And thanks so much for reading, too. All the best to you.

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