Still worthless

I picked my daughter up at school today, and then we proceeded to drive home. Along the way, we stopped at a red light, and there was a restaurant off to my left. I glanced at the TV screen inside the restaurant, and was greeted by Brian Williams doing the NBC Nightly news. I couldn’t hear him, but still my eyes remained on the screen while the red light was in effect.

The screen then changed, revealing an image of Barack Obama on the left, shaded in blue, and Mitt Romney on the right, shaded in red, with 47 percent under each of their smiling visages. I tried to get my cameraphone working in order to capture the image, but before I could the light changed and it was time to move.

Back in July, I wrote something on this issue and sure enough, things haven’t changed a bit in the three months since then. It will be 47% for each candidate, right up until the time the election takes place. Why? Because the media that produces the content that fills our airwaves needs it to be so. They need a horse race, and so they give us a horse race. And they will never give us anything but that. The only thing to do is to recognize it for what it is, and turn away from their profits-driven, democracy-killing game.

Vote for Obama, vote for Romney, vote for any candidate you want, or don’t even vote at all when the time comes. Just don’t expect the media to ever provide anything other than the 47%-47% horse race that they always do.

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