Ballpark in winter

The World Series could end today, and then baseball will officially shut down and head into its long offseason. But the season’s been over for many months already for the Chicago Cubs.

All that stuff about player development and building for the future is empty happytalk that might sell some season tickets for next year, but the truth is that the scoreboard is empty–save for some concert announcement for next summer–and the field itself is nothing but a big sand pit.  The ballpark is now a deserted shell; It’s an empty, hollow, lifeless place.

There’s just one big league ballpark in use today, and another one on standby if needed, but Wrigley Field is boarded up for the winter, as usual. There’s nothing anyone in the Cubs organization can say to change that, either.

I love Wrigley Field, and the game that is played there 81 times a year, but the October hollowness has really gotten old.

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