Here’s what President Romney would do

The Obama campaign, with a week to go before the election, came out with a very effective piece that tackles Willard M. Romney’s claim that he never raised taxes when he was the governor of Massachusetts.

At the end of the piece, there is an opportunity to download the entire list of increased fees during Romney’s governorship. The list runs almost 70 pages, filled with what I would call “nickle and diming” of the people of his state. He wins the election, raises existing fees or creates new ones, sees his approval rate plummet, and decides not to run for a second term as governor, because he knows he cannot win re-election with that kind of a record. And does anyone believe he would be any different as president? I  sure don’t.

I picked just one of the hundreds, or maybe even thousands, of fees that were raised under Romney’s tenure as governor. It is: Increased the fee for permits for salesmen to solicit orders for alcoholic beverages from $15 to $200. [Source: 2003 Massachusetts Budget]   An increase of this magnitude certainly hurt salespeople, but it also doubtlessly got passed on to those who buy the alcoholic beverages in the first place.

Prices went up to offset the tax increase, but the source of that increase–the higher tax–remained hidden from the public’s eye. It’s clever on some level, and devious on another level, but it’s also exactly what would be done to all of us if Romney should somehow prevail next week. This is not the main reason to vote for President Obama, but it is something that we’re all being hereby warned about. Don’t for a second think it won’t happen, either. The precedent is right there, for those who care to see it.

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