So much brighter


It’s Saturday morning, and in my house that means time to take my daughters to their skating lessons. The season is in full swing as winter approaches. In fact, I’m sitting in the bleachers right now, allowing my mind to wander while the ice time plays itself out.

The rink they usually skate at was redone over the summer, and today is the first time I’ve really seen it. It’s much brighter than it has been in the past, and I like that a lot. If I’m going to be here over and over again in the coming months, it may as well be a bright and inviting place.

Darkness has its place, certainly, but shining a light on something is rarely a bad thing. Put me down as being on the side of illumination, all other things being equal.

Goodness and light are things I may not always be actively searching for, but I’ll try to appreciate them whenever they show up.

I hope there’s lots of light–in whatever form it might take– in the weekend ahead.

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