Karl Rove’s shattered dream

Back when George W. Bush was still in power, Karl Rove is said to have foreseen an entire generation of Republican dominance in government, as if that were a good thing. It isn’t, in a democracy, a good thing at all.

America simply can’t have a generation of people growing up with only one party in power. The swing from one philosophy about government back to the other, and then back again is the way that it works.And all the while, a loyal opposition waits to have their turn in power again. Thus shall it always be.

Johnny Hates Jazz might not be too fond of Karl Rove, either, but their song seems very fitting today. This one’s for you, Karl Rove.

2 thoughts on “Karl Rove’s shattered dream

  1. When Megan Kelly asked him if this was just math to make republicans feel better I thought Ailes was going to pull the plug on the broadcast.

    To hear one of their top airheads say that to ‘Master’ Rove was such a surreal and great thing to take in.

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