Time for moving ahead

The flip side of democracy–the yin to somebody else’s yang–is that you sometimes have to accept defeat. I’m not in that situation today, since President Obama was re-elected by a comfortable margin last night, but I know full well what it feel like. And all I can say at this moment is that I like President Obama’s “American Family” metaphor from last night.

Families aren’t a monolithic group, but they all have something that bonds them together. As Americans, we have the Constitution, and the Stars and Stripes, and possibly the greatest history of any nation on earth.

So whether you like President Obama or not, or the majority party in either house of Congress, or even the narrowly-divided Supreme Court, or any state or local elected officials who have more sway over everyday life than anyone in Washington ever could, it’s time to pick up and move forward. And yes, that was the president’s campaign slogan, but it’s all that we can do, whether your party won last night or not.

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