Big house, Big game

I’m not much of a football fan, but baseball has finished up its season, and I don’t care much for basketball, so it looks like football will have to do. And when I say “football” I really mean college football, because the NFL  isn’t too exciting for me, either.

I’ve never been to a game in Michigan Stadium, which is known far and wide as “the Big House.” I have walked around it, once at night when I found myself in Ann Arbor on business a few years back. Seeing the Big House just seemed like the thing to do at the time. And it certainly does seem big from the outside. It would have to be, if 100,000 people and more can all squeeze their way in to watch a game.

Northwestern is going to the big House tomorrow, hoping to chart a course for a 10-win season. 10 wins in the same season would be amazing, but it only happens with a win tomorrow. With an extra week to prepare for Michigan, I’m hoping that the Wildcats will have some new tricks up their sleeve when the game kicks of at 11 AM tomorrow. It should be a fun one to watch.

Go Cats!

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