Boston to the rescue, once again

I’m absolutely sick about the way Northwestern gave away today’s game against Michigan. There’s no silver lining in this loss. None at all. The game was a must-win that they did not win. The only thing left for this season is to wait for whatever mid-level bowl game the Wildcats are invited to, and hope that they can break a rather painful losing streak. Even beating Illinois two weeks from now doesn’t seem like it means too much right now.

It’s as if the DJ at the radio station I was listening to on the way home this afternoon knew what I needed. Boston’s Don’t Look Back came on the radio, and I’ve written about that song before in this space. It cheered me up, as it always has before. I realized that nobody died, and I wasn’t hit by Hurricane Sandy, and Barack Obama still won a few nights ago, and the outcome of a football game doesn’t make my life any better, win or lose. And at least Northwestern’s games are meaningful now. I well remember when this was not the case.

So now I’m looking ahead, and counting the things that are still good in my life, and recognizing that writing on this blog definitely helps in this regard. Who needs football, anyway?


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