Now that we found love

Yesterday was the one-year anniversary of the death of Heavy D. When I learned that he had died, I took to my account (which is a combination of music and Twitter) and posted a link to this song, which is the one that everyone associates with him.

Heavy D did other things, too, including acting in TV and movies, but this song broke him out to the masses. He died at 44, which is exactly the age that I am as I type this out. Perhaps I missed that a year ago, but I’m well aware of it now. Death has become something of a recurring theme in this space.

I’m honoring him here by changing my tag line, which appears just underneath the name of this blog, to include something that he tweeted out a few days before he died. In addition, his final tweet–sent out on the day that he died–read simply “BE INSPIRED!” We would all do well to heed that advice.

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