Movement toward the goal

Once upon a time, after I had been writing in this space for about four or five months, I pledged myself to a measurable goal. My real reasons for writing here are intangible: draining some thoughts away from my brain, sharing goofy things with the internet’s version of perpetuity, and creating a record that I was ever here to begin with.

But late last year–as the total word count in this space reached 100,000 words–I went toward the more quantifiable end of the spectrum. I said that I wanted to put a million words into this space, before I either died or lost interest in writing. So I kept on plugging away, noting when I reached the 200,000 word level, and then 250,000 words, and then 300,000 words, and now I’ve reached the 333,333 word mark. I’m now at one-third of my admittedly quixotic goal of writing a million words.

Part of me wants to say so what? Is the world any better off–or am I any better off–as the result of what I’ve been doing over the past year and a half? By quantifiable measures, no I’m not. I haven’t made a dime on any of this, and don’t expect that I ever will, either. I’ve lost I don’t know how many hours of sleep, sacrificed on the altar of things that only I think are interesting. And my family has made “Daddy’s blog” into shorthand for why things aren’t done around the house. The opportunity costs alone have me wondering if this is all worth the time.

And yet, I now have something that I’ve wanted to have since I first learned how to write my name. This has become a place to store my thoughts, and put them someplace where I’ll be able to revisit them whenever I want to. And instead of hiding it away, I’m sharing it with whatever part of the world can find it and wants to read it. I’d rather do it this way, in the hopes that somebody else could happen upon these writings one day and learn something, or smile at some recollection, or even say to themselves “I’m glad I’m not that guy.” Any of those, or nothing at all, would be just fine with me. I’ll never know the difference, anyway.

So it’s now one-third in the books–or on the broadband–and there’s still two-thirds left to go. I’d better get settled in, because it’s a long and eventful road to a million words. And away we go…..

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