All you create

IMG_0931 The best thing about writing in this space–the reason I continue doing it–is that it is a creative enterprise. Listening to the radio this morning, I heard “Eclipse” which is the last song on Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon album. And the line about “All you create, and all you destroy” set my mind in motion, as it sometimes happens. So now that I have a moment to get my thoughts together, what does that mean?

Every song on the radio began with a thought inside someone’s head. Every movie, every magazine article, every ad designed to get you to buy something, they all had to start somewhere. The internet has afforded all of us a new creative outlet, where anyone can create things and share them with the world, or at least that part of the world that wants to seek it out.

I think of putting some words together, and adding a visual image to go with it, as my own creative enterprise. I’m not going to change the world, or pad my bank account, or gain anything at all by doing this. And that’s just fine. What I am doing is creating something, setting it free into the world–or at least a digitized approximation of the world–and then going about my business in the greater world around it.

And you, whoever and wherever you are, now have a challenge from me: create something today. Something that someone else can read, or wear, or hold in their hand for some reason. And enjoy the creative process along the way. Make something that didn’t exist before. And that will make a few moments of ruminating on a line in a Pink Floyd song all worthwhile to me.

Thanks for reading, and hopefully creating something new.

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