A man took this into a school today


And now 18 children are dead. We need to do something about this as a society. Will those who love their guns succeed at wishing this away, by telling us that an armed teacher could have stopped this? Shame on us all if they do.

I feel such profound shock and sorrow right now, but I’m also expecting something will change, so that it didn’t happen in vain.

10 thoughts on “A man took this into a school today

  1. That weapon would be less than ideal for a close quarters situation like a school due to its long barrel and rifle optic nobody brought that exact gun into a school

    1. Reports are that a .223 caliber weapon similar to the one pictured was used. So tell me what the ideal weapon to take to a school is? My vote would be there isn’t one.

  2. I agree with a person’s right to bear arms.

    I disagree with a person’s right to bear a machine that can spit out 800 bullets in one minute.

    There is no logical reason why a person needs an assault rifle.

    The only reason they came into play for citizens was during the times when we were going up against world powers and had doubts if the military could fend them off. That was 65+ years ago.
    Now the enemy is already in america.

    It’s a new time in America, and an assault rifle is simply not needed by a citizen.

    1. I can’t think of a good reason. but “Mr. Can’t remove his baseball cap to help line the shot up better” from the video probably could.

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