It’s worse at the holidays


How many of the 20 children who died in the Newtown shooting today were looking forward to Christmas this year? Kids being kids–especially at five years of age–I’ll say that most of them were. Or perhaps they were looking forward to the seventh night of Chanukah instead. Whatever holidays they were enjoying or looking forward to, they’ll never have that chance again. And that’s just horrible.

And the classmates and schoolmates and loved ones of the victims won’t ever have the same reaction at the holidays ever again. Every year will bring reminders not of a joyous time, but a time of heartbreak and sorrow. I hope that they can one day enjoy this season again, but that won’t be anytime soon, if it ever happens at all. The carnage is over, and the healing must begin. But all things Christmas and Chanukah will be yearly reminders of what happened at Sandy Hook Elementary School. I wish them all peace, both now and in the future. They certainly will need it.

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