Add another country to the list


I started writing this blog for fun, just a little bit more than eighteen months ago. And one of the ways that it’s fun wasn’t yet apparent back in 2011. In fact, it didn’t become clear to me until WordPress began offering information about the location of the visitors to this site, exactly ten months ago. This information has been nothing short of a revelation to me.

Before going any further, the information about physical location doesn’t go beyond the country of origin for each page view. I could be huge in Tulsa and ignored in Minneapolis, but the vast majority of the page views come from somewhere inside the U.S.A. Likewise, a page view in Nicaragua–and there have been five so far, if you’re curious–could come from anywhere inside that country as well. But still, it’s been a fascinating geography lesson so far.

Whenever a new country comes on board, I look to see where it’s located in the world. And I can run through where most of the uninitiated nations on earth are, from a BlueBattingHelmet perspective: four nations in the Western Hemisphere (Cuba, Haiti, Guyana and French Guinea), five nations I think of as “the ‘Stans” with Afghanistan being the most prominent one, and about 17 nations in Africa. Whenever a new African nation joins the list of BBH nations, I think it’s good news. Worldwide, there are 158 nations that my little blog has been to, and roughly 26 nations where it hasn’t.

So with all that in mind, I extend a hearty welcome to the African nation of Djibouti, which my blog reached for the first time on Christmas day, 2012. The pronunciation of the country’s name, as I understand it, is “Juh-BOOTY” which always seemed to cause a chuckle among the high school students that I would teach. You can almost hear Beavis and Butthead laughing and saying “he said ‘yer booty.'”

This made trying to think of a title for this post difficult. “Saying hello to Djibouti” didn’t work, and “Now viewed inside Djibouti” didn’t sound so good, either. I could go on and on about Djibouti, but we’d probably all feel strange if I did that. So maybe the best thing is to just leave Djibouti alone, at least when it comes to naming this post. I understand that I might not see Djibouti again for awhile, so I need to use Djibouti whenever the situation presents itself.

So until we meet again, Djibouti,  ma’ uk rae (that’s goodbye in Afar, the language spoken in, well, you know the place).

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