Vegas matchbooks, part 4


I have to say that I love the retro look on the inside of this matchbook. And not because it looks retro, but because it is retro. The Golden Gate Casino opened in 1955, and the Sal Sagev Hotel gets its name from “Las Vegas” being spelled backwards. Seriously. The casino owners bought out the hotel in 1974, so this matchbook probably dates from the 1960s or early 1970s. It’s even possible that this matchbook is older than I am.

In addition to the retro look, I like the blue tips on the matches. Most match books have white-tipped matches, and every so often there are yellow matches, perhaps because that’s the color that sulfur is in its natural state. So to have them colored blue like this had to involve someone making a request for it. But it’s distinctive, and that was probably the idea.

There are still lots more of these matchbooks to write about. These things are interesting in their own way, so I’ll probably be coming back to them from time to time. Earlier entries to this series are here and here and here, and the origin these posts is explained here.


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