Deion Sanders and the Torco sign


This is a digital photo of an enlargement of a photographic print that was referenced in a previous post. It shows that Deion Sanders sported a .313 average when he led off the game against the Cubs for the Reds in May of 1997.

I did some research into the matter, and learned that Deion Sanders appeared in only one other night game as the Reds’ leadoff man. This game was played on May 25, 1995. But Sanders had a .234 average going into that game with one HR and four RBIs. He even drove in his fifth run of the 1995 season in this game. His first home run of 1995 came on May 6, and the second one came on August 2. If the batting average is a little hard to see in the scoreboard stat line, the 2 home runs is clearer.

Deion was a .263 batter for his career, and the. 234 average of 1995 was low for him. But after not playing at all in 1996, he came back to baseball and played out of his mind in 1997. He was hitting .400 on April 25, and .350 on May 9. A .313 average was still over his head, and he drifted downward until he ended the season at .273. But the average on the scoreboard indicates that the photo was, in fact, taken on May 29, 1997.

Thanks to Baseball Reality Tour for the opportunity to research this a bit more and for running the photo on their site. I’m happy to help pass the Torco sign on to those who did not get to see it in person, and those who did who want to remember it online.

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