Looking toward the future


The internet is a tool that nobody has ever had before us. A few minutes online, and a few keywords, are all we need to answer nearly any question we can think of, or to see images that once took weeks or months to track down. If you had explained all of this to me just 20 years ago, I never would have believed it. None of us would have. And in another 20 years, it will be a rare person who can remember life without it.

And that’s one of the reasons I feel compelled to put as much as I do into this space. This blog is my memory book, in a way. My children, and anyone else’s children, will be able to read the things that I’ve posted here, even after I’m long gone. It’s exciting to think of these posts as being immortal, in a way that I never will be.

And so hello from 2013, to whoever happens upon this in the future. I realize that it’s odd to read this in 2013, and it’s odd to be typing it out, too. It will be many years before this post seems anything other than ridiculous. But time will continue marching along, just as it always has, and that’s why I’m laying down this marker for anyone who ever cares to read it in the future. May it be worth their time and mine to do so.

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