A baseball and a metaphor


This image of a well-worn baseball–abandoned on a tennis court somewhere on the north side of Chicago–resonated with me when I came upon it one day last year. I snapped a picture with my cameraphone, transferred it to my hard drive, and haven’t done much with it since. So here it is. Make of it whatever you want to.

Sometimes I feel like this baseball, stuck in a world that isn’t built for whatever it is I’m trying to do. The world–like the tennis court–won’t change, and so the baseball just sits there, at least until someone who wants to play tennis happens along.

I hope that this baseball found its way into someone’s mitt, and onto a field where it could serve its intended purpose. I doubt that it happened this way, but I also believe anything is possible. And not knowing the answer means this story can be written in an infinite number of ways. I hope there was a happy ending, somehow.

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