What’s up, Uzbekistan?


I’ve mentioned before that the global reach of this blog is astonishing. It’s to the point now where about two dozen nations, most of them in Africa, are the only places left where my blog has not yet been seen. And today was the first time that someone in Uzbekistan found their way to BlueBattingHelmet. So welcome aboard to them.

One of the first things that I learned from a Google search about Uzbekistan was that it is one of only two double-landlocked nations on earth. Being landlocked is bad enough, but double-landlocked is even worse, since all of their neighboring countries are landlocked, too. The only other nation similarly situated is Lichtenstein.

I found the picture above, which shows a dance that takes place in Uzbekistan. If I had any Photoshop skills, I would put my face in the middle of the back row. As it is, though, I’ll just thank whichever one of the 27 million Uzbeks that found my blog today. Geography is not on Uzbekistan’s side, but my words and pictures made it there, anyway. All hail the world wide web!

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