Another piece filled in


The number of nations where this blog has been accessed has grown ever since WordPress began tracking it in late February of 2012. There are now just a few gaps remaining in the Western Hemisphere, and at the risk of sounding like a human atlas, I can tell you exactly where they are: Cuba (maybe after Castro dies, things will open up a little), Guyana, French Guinea, and Haiti. But Haiti left the list today, as I recorded the first two views of this page in that nation. I’m glad that someone in Haiti found this blog, whether by accident or design.

Haiti is important in American history, since the revolution led by Touissant L’Ouverture (a cool-sounding name, if ever I’ve heard one) between 1791 and 1803 made France rethink its commitment to this part of the world. Napoleon then decided to sell off Louisiana to the Americans, and a huge parcel of land opened up for American settlement. Without Haiti, that doesn’t happen, and who knows how the story of America unfolds from there?

Haiti had many challenges, even before the catastrophic earthquake that brought so much devastation three years ago. I saw the word “Hell” used a lot when describing Haiti, although it appears to have some very beautiful land and people, too. I’m certainly glad to have offered anything at all to someone in this troubled nation.

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