What America is


On the occasion of the first Presidential inauguration to occur during the BlueBattingHelmet era–and for all I know, maybe the last one too–I want to say a few words to all Americans, and all people around the world, too. This blog goes out to a lot of other countries, after all.

America is a democracy. The people choose their President, and their Senators and Representatives, and then those people go to work on our behalf. Lots of people think Barack Obama is doing enough good things as President to warrant four more years in office. For the record, I’m one of those people, having proudly voted for him when the time came.

Not everyone likes President Obama, though. Tens of millions of people went out and voted for Mitt Romney, or a third party candidate, or they didn’t vote at all. It’s their right as Americans to stay at home on election day, too. I don’t understand that mentality, but I’m happy that is a right they enjoy, too.

The election is over, and now president Obama has four years left as President. I wish him all the best as he steers this nation into a new century, fraught with issues that must be dealt with and enemies that must be confronted. And in four years’ time, he’ll hand over power peacefully, just as the Constitution’s framers envisioned. And that is what makes America great.

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