My own Mound Key

Mound Key

Whatever we do in life, eventually our time will be up and then it will be “game over” for us. That’s true for me, and you, and everyone that we’ve known or ever will know. Your stay here on this earth might be very long, and it might be painfully short, but it will end sometime. And fortunately, nobody knows just when or how that will happen.

I started this blog with the expectation that when that whenever that moment happens, I’ll leave behind a pile of my thoughts, stories, and memories for whoever happens upon them. At 800+ posts, and 350,000+ words, it’s an ever-growing pile. I’ll keep right on adding to it, for as long as I possibly can.

I learned today of a place called Mound Key, in Estero Bay on the Gulf side of the the Florida peninsula. It was built over thousands of years by the Calusa people, who were a powerful presence in the region for centuries. They were so powerful that they are thought to have killed Ponce de Leon and driven the Spanish away, if only for a brief time.

European diseases then took over, and wiped the Calusa out by 1800. But they left behind this island, made from  thousands of years of sea shells and other debris. And it’s still there today, a mysterious testament to the people who once lived there and are now died off.

I’m now thinking of this blog as my own Mound Key, and will continue adding  to it, more and more all the time, until I can’t do it anymore. And after I’m gone, there will be a legacy of words and pictures, available to anyone who wants to know more about it. That would  be enough to make all this worthwhile. So thanks for reading this, in 2013 or whenever else you might happen upon it.

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