I am generally not fond of putting pictures of myself in this space, but here’s one that helps to tell a story, and that’s what matters the most to me.

A few days ago, I was in the process of loading up some book donations that were being made by the company I work for to a food pantry in Chicago’s suburbs. The food that was collected by a holiday food drive had filled up the company’s shuttle van, and there were still several of boxes of books left over. As I was getting the keys to load the boxes into my minivan (and yes, I do drive a minivan sometimes), it was also discovered that there were approximately 150 toys that had also been donated. And so the Grinch paid a visit, securing boxes to put the toys in, and a flatbed to carry them off, and the deed was done.

It felt like I had turned green and was trying to steal all the Whos’ Christmastime joy. All that was missing was an appearance by Cindy Lou Who, who was no more than two. I knew what I was doing was not nefarious in nature, and that I was merely taking toys from one place to another, but how often in life do you get to live out a story that you’ve known your whole life?

So I wasn’t really being a foul one, or a rotter, or a nasty, as the song by Boris Karloff suggested. The toys and the books were loaded up and delivered to the food pantry, where they were received most gratefully. Doing good certainly does feel good, but pretending that you’re doing bad while also living out a story feels pretty good, too. And it’s hopefully a lot more uncommon.

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