My ordination day


Today I discovered a website dedicated to making the Dude into a religious figure. And  turning a buck, of course, but that’s to be expected.

The website offered me, and anyone else who wants to take the time to enter their name and today’s date, the chance to become an ordained “Dudeist Priest.” Here’s the link for anybody who wants to do it. I suppose I’m proselytizing by sharing the link, but whatever. This is one of the things that makes the Internet fun.

So now I’m a ordained minister (or what have you) in a made-up religion based on a fictional character from a movie. Given that the religion my parents raised me in now finds itself leaderless, mired in scandal, financially bankrupt, and rooted in a worldview that’s centuries in the past, I can only say that I wear my new affiliation with pride. So help me Dude.

6 thoughts on “My ordination day

  1. …or you could apply for the top job with the leaderless one. You get a ring AND a nice pair of shoes if you get that one. You don’t even have to work till you die any more! And Latin can’t be that hard to learn….
    🙂 thanks for this one, made me laugh!

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