The Jedi President


So President Obama brought up the ways of the Jedi from the Star Wars series, and welded them onto the Vulcan Mind Meld from the Star Trek series. And some people, desperate to stem the rising Obama tide, have called this a gaffe. But I don’t see it that way.

I grew up with Star Wars, and have written about it before in this space. The Star Wars series worked because even though it made Darth Vader and his cohorts into the baddest of the bad, they still had to lose. Whiny young Luke, grizzled old Solo, and their ragtag band of rebels still carried the day. It wasn’t easy, and it sure wasn’t likely, but good conquered evil in the end. As it must.

By casting himself as a Jedi, Obama is in fact drawing lines between good and evil. The moneyed interests–the Koch Brothers and people like them–did all they could do to buy the last election for Mitt Romney, but thankfully they failed. So now the sequester is upon us, and Boehner and his minions in the House have been holding up a compromise that would end this situation. So now it’s game on.

All of the “Obama will cave” talk that I heard during the first term in office seems to be gone now. Obama’s been re-elected, and he’s a lame duck to boot. The Republicans will have to accede to him in a way they didn’t have to before. And if they won’t, and the sequester’s spending cuts start spreading pain in American society, they will pay the political price, not the Jedi president.

It’s your move, Republicans. But understand that this president won’t be afraid to use the light saber against you.

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