I’m gonna pop some tags


I have to admit that the Macklemore song “Thrift Shop” is exceedingly catchy. As a long-time thrift shop guy myself, it’s exciting to find something interesting for less than you’d pay for it at retail. The $50 t-shirt from the song? I know exactly the point being made there. Don’t pay that if you don’t have to. A case in point is the Cubs hat shown above.

I haven’t really owned a good Cubs hat in a long time. I have the Cubs batting helmet that this blog is named for, and a Cubs beach hat that I wear whenever I know where it is. But a new Cubs hat–like the players wear–has always eluded my grasp. At $25 or more, it’s just more than I wanted to spend. But I always kept an eye out for one, though.

Last month I picked up the hat shown above for $1.99 at a Goodwill store in Wisconsin. I didn’t expect to find a Cubs hat in Brewerland, but stranger things have happened. Whatever the story is about how a pristine baseball cap made its way into a Goodwill store–and I’m sure there is one–it’s secondary to knowing that I found something I wanted at a bargain price. I’d even go so far as to say that it was (insert radio bleep here) awesome.

2 thoughts on “I’m gonna pop some tags

  1. Yipppeee! Hurrah for second hand/charity/thrift/nearly new shops. It’s the hunt that makes the finds so much more satisfying. Congrats on the hat, looks like you’re going to enjoy it! ~Anne

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