True love won’t desert you


I heard Journey’s Separate Ways on the radio today. I still have vivid memories about this song, but not in a romantic sort of a way. No, for me the song brings back a memory of a cornfield in Central Illinois.

It was some night back in the the mid 1980s, and I was driving my old two-toned Dodge Dart as fast as I could through some back roads outside of Springfield. I never much liked Steve Perry back then, because I preferred Def Leppard and Van Halen instead. But when this song came on the radio that night, I hit the gas and belted the lyrics out as loudly as I could. And I apparently never forgot doing it, either.

The title to this post is one of the lyrics to this song.Just like Journey moved on without Steve Perry, things can change in life. But love–true love–is like a cornfield memory for me. It will always endure, and can never be wiped away.

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