Seems only fitting


I’m a flatlander from Chicago, so these days of being on a snowy mountain in Tennessee are certainly unique. The beauty of nature is on full display, and in many ways it’s invigorating. Not many people equate Tennessee with snow, but for the rest of my days I will do exactly that.

The circumstances that I find myself in have an interesting parallel to the events going on in Washington, DC this week. The arguments over California’s Prop 8 and the Defense of Marriage Act are hugely important. They will determine the direction of our society for the long term. Either we’re going to have a more tolerant society, when it comes to human rights, or we aren’t. I’m hoping that it’s the former, myself.

As a self-avowed progressive, I believe that change over time is inevitable. Standing pat is never a good option, when people’s rights are involved. If we had done that, slavery would still be legal here in Tennessee, and women would not be permitted to vote. Just as neither of those would be acceptable, I can’t imagine telling a person who wants to get married to a person that they love that they can’t do that.

This is America. Love who you want, and marry or don’t marry as you see fit. God–or people’s guess at what God would say–doesn’t enter into the equation, if this country is going to be what it says it is. I suppose we’ll know the answer to that soon enough, when I’m off this mountain and back in my everyday routine. Here’s hoping that the march of progress continues.

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