A couplet so true


I had originally wanted to call this post “Props to JT” but I realized that I’m not seeking a slangy vibe like that. So we’ll use that as the subtitle, but the bigger title will be a bit more formal.

My teenager is into all things music. Her favorite present that she received on her 14th birthday is a pair of shoes covered in musical notes. She’s attending high school next fall in a performing arts high school for vocal, and it’s in keeping with my desire for the world to hear her voice. And her choice in music, aside from showtunes from RENT and Evita and Wicked is the stuff that gets played over and over again on hit radio.

I’m generally not a fan of such music, but every so often something breaks through that we both can enjoy. Thrift Shop is one example, and there are others, but that one’s enough for these purposes.

And one of the recurring names on teenager hit radio at the moment is Justin Timberlake. His CD was another of the teenager’s birthday gifts, and she played a song called Mirrors for me in the car a few days ago. When I heard one particular rhyme, I was struck by the truth–and the simplicity– of the following lines:

Yesterday’s history/ Tomorrow’s a mystery

There are some things that we know, because they’re already over, and other things that we can’t know. And today is the intervening link between them. So we just go with it and enjoy it as best as we can. Thanks to my daughter for introducing me to the song, and to Justin Timberlake for pointing this out.

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