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Chicago Cubs v Pittsburgh Pirates

I had started out this season trying to keep things upbeat. The Cubs won on Opening Day, and I wrote a positive piece about them. I wrote plenty of negative pieces about them last year, and in the past off-season. But I wanted to start this year off on a positive note.

When the Cubs beat Pittsburgh again on Thursday, to claim a road series victory well before they did last year, I wrote about that, too. I don’t have any illusions that too many people pay attention to what I write. I just do it to keep myself connected to the goings-on as the season unfolds. If anybody reads it at all, that’s a bonus, as far as I’m concerned.

But last night’s game, when the Cubs blew a 5-1 lead in the final two innings of the game, was too much to keep silent about. I wrote a piece that appeared on ThroughTheFenceBaseball today, and I’m hopeful that another piece like it won’t be coming for quite some time. But it’s still early in the season. It feels great to be back in baseball season, even if the results usually aren’t what I want them to be.


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