One man’s protest


Boston dominated the news this week, and it should have. I’ve never seen a more riveting story about one city and its grit. Hats off to everyone who rose to the occasion and turned a terrible event into a lesson in strength. I will always be in awe of how the city came together in the face of this tragedy.

But another tragedy unfolded in Washington DC this week. With the families of Sandy Hook Elementary victims looking on, the Senate failed to pass any meaningful gun reforms. They failed to do anything, even in the face of wide public support for measures like increased background checks. The NRA and their Republican puppets (along with a few Democrats, too) won this round, but they must not be allowed to triumph in the end. Guns kill too many people for us to close our eyes and leave the status quo in place. Change needs to come, whether the NRA wants it to or not.

The house of Congress that is made up of two members from every state, no matter what the population of the states are, is usually referred to as the Senate. While the capital S has traditionally been taken as a mark of respect for this institution, they no longer deserve any respect, in light of their cowardly failure to act. So from now on, I’m calling them the senate, and maybe even the U.S. senate, to be technically correct. But that capital S at the beginning of their collective name? No, I’m not willing to use that any more. They’re just the senate to me.

This won’t change a thing, in the grand scheme of things. They’ll continue to do whatever it is they do (or don’t do) without any regard for the actual will of the people. I’m willing to incur the wrath of grammarians, who would rather stand on tradition by affording the institution a measure of undeserved respect. But the senate no longer deserves such deference, nor will they be getting it from me.


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