Spring at last


This may have been the strangest winter I’ve ever experienced. There was literally no snow at all–with the exception of the Christmas day miracle–from the end of Fall up until early February. Then the groundhog predicted an early spring, and it all went wrong. We had snow, ice, rain, and varying degrees of mixtures between them, and then came the floods. It was rain like I’ve never seen before. In fact, the wettest April in Chicago’s history ends in about four hours, and I won’t miss it a bit. Let’s hope that Spring will stick around for awhile.

The magnolia tree in my backyard is finally in bloom, about three weeks behind schedule. It’s lovely and it smells great, but by the weekend it will all be gone. I’ve written about that process before, too. Like life itself, a blooming magnolia is a wonderful thing, though doesn’t last as long as it should. It may as well be enjoyed, then.

Here’s hoping that May can make up for the past three months of Winter.

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