A life’s work


A rainy afternoon, Memphis, Tennessee

My family and I, after seeing the major tourist sites that Memphis has to offer, indulged our artistic side on our last full day in Memphis recently. We went to the Memphis Brooks Museum of Art for a number of interesting exhibits. I was still feeling the effects of a lingering cold, so I did not see as much of the museum as I would have liked to. But I saw something worth writing about, at least.

I made my way to an exhibit of art by Romare Bearden and saw a very thought-provoking quote that was up on the wall. I’m paraphrasing what the quote said, but it was something along the lines of an artist makes it his life’s work to fill in the art that he perceives as missing. If someone has already created something artistically  there’s no reason to do that all over again. But where nobody has created something before, artists will step in to fill that void with their own work.

I don’t think of myself as an artist, but more of a storyteller. Whether it’s stories about my past that I tell to my kids, or stories from everyday life that interest me, or events from the past that nobody might be familiar with, I love telling tales within this new electronic medium.

I sometimes think about what the great storytellers from the past could have done with a blog. But since they didn’t have that opportunity, and I do, I try to use it in an interesting and original way. Whether I succeed at that or not, I think it’s a most worthy goal.

So an art museum offered me a pearl of insight about creativity. Life can be very interesting that way.

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