And it really hit home


How can it be that I’ve written hundreds of posts in this space without focusing on the Stones even once? I’ve mentioned them in passing before, but never given them their due here. I heard a cover of “It’s All over Now” at a bar recently, and it’s far from the best-known Stones song there is. But damned if it doesn’t rock harder than any almost any modern band that I can think of.

So I was inspired enough by that song to fish out my Some Girls CD as I was out driving around today. If it’s not their best album, it’s certainly in the top three or four. And aside from “Miss You” and “Shattered” and “Beast of Burden”–the best-known songs on that album–there’s a little gem called “Before They Make Me Run.” Keith sings vocals, and perhaps that’s one of the reasons I like it so much.

Think about it this way: Mick Jagger is probably the best frontman that there’s ever been in rock and roll. There’s bound to be some disagreement about claim, but I would ask if there’s anyone else who could sing “It’s Only Rock and Roll (But I like it)” as convincingly as he does. There’s nobody that I can think of.

So the Stones are so good that they can turn the lead vocals over to the guitar player instead. Lots of bands do that–Townsend and the Who spring immediately to mind–but Keith wrote and recorded this beauty, and Mick wasn’t needed in order to make it work. I like it, yes I do.

2 thoughts on “And it really hit home

  1. Have you checked out their deluxe Some Girls cd. Very, very good. “Do You Think I Really Care” and, “Keep Up Blues” are Stones classics! Check em out!

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