Gun death city


Chicago’s murder rate for the first months of the year is down, but in one unofficial measure, at least, the city has nothing to brag about.

Since the Newtown massacre last year, Slate and @GunDeaths have been crowdsourcing the gun deaths in this country. It’s a wonder that nobody had ever done this before, but then again the gun manufacturers would rather that we not know the true toll their products take on our society. Ignorance is bliss, after all.

On the map that Slate has on their website, it’s possible to mouse over cities and determine how many gun deaths have occurred there. And, sadly, Chicago leads the way with 100 gun deaths since last December. New York City, by comparison, had just 17 during that same period.

While the city’s homicide rate seems to be dropping, there’s no place in the country where you’re more likely to be killed with a gun than in Chicago. Something is clearly awry in the Chi. That has a catchy ring, but I’d rather that it not be the case.

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