When the music’s over


I love the Doors. When I was a kid, back around my freshman year of high school, I taught myself how to draw the Doors’ geometric logo because it, like their music, spoke to me. I will always hold their music as a part of my life, even if I was only three when Jim Morrison died in Paris in 1971.

Like most people, I don’t immediately think of Ray Manzarek when I think of the Doors. It was a band, but Jim Morrison was–and will always be–its towering presence.  But without Ray Manzarek there was no band, and that’s why his death today hits me as it does. Fortunately, the music that he wrote and created can never be taken away.

Music is your only friend, until the end…..

2 thoughts on “When the music’s over

    1. Neither did I. But 74 years is a pretty good run. I didn’t know that he was a Chicago guy, either.

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