Who’s down with OHB?


Back in the days of the George W. Bush presidency, there was this term called “Bush Derangement Syndrome.” A right winger made it up, and it was a mocking sort of a term applied to people–like me–who saw what a disaster W was in the White House. And now, eight years later, the shoe is on the other foot.

It no secret that there’s a well of hatred for President Obama out there. There’s a lot of money to be made by tapping into this well, and no one know this better than Sarah Palin. She is the living manifestation of all the blind, unfocused venom that gets directed at the president every day. It’s only fitting, therefore, that her words have now helped to put a name on the malady that she and her fellow malcontents are suffering from.

A headline that I saw online at the Politics USA website, in summing up her most recent screed against Obama, nailed it perfectly: It’s Obama Hate Babble, or what I’m shortening to OHB. It works on several levels, including:

  • It’s the president’s initials,BHO, in reverse
  • It’s ready made for texting, like OMG or LOL or STFU
  • It calls to mind the Naughty by Nature hit “O.P.P.” from the early 90s

And so, as President Obama’s second term unfolds over these next three years, Sarah Palin and her ilk will just have to put up with it. Dabble in the OHB if you need to, but realize that he’s not going anywhere until January of 2017. The Constitution sure is a wonderful thing.

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