A summer day, at last


On this Friday before Memorial day, I had a beautiful (if just a bit chilly) day, in a lovely natural surrounding with a book about appreciating life, co-authored by one man who died of cancer at age 47, and another who died in a car accident at 53. I’m not yet to either of their ages, but the message is clear enough: Enjoy the day, and the season, because there’s not an unlimited supply of either one. How limited they are I don’t yet know, but until I find out, I plan to enjoy things as much as possible.

Here’s wishing a fantastic summer to everyone. 

2 thoughts on “A summer day, at last

  1. I hear that’s a good book. I know someone who read it and thought it was fantastic. one of the best ways to enjoy the day is to go see a ball game. Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

    1. Thanks. The part that I’ve read so far is really good. The older I get, I find that mortality is on my mind more than it has been before.

      And you’re definitely right about the ballgame part. Cubs and Sox are coming up next week, which is always a fun time.

      Hope you enjoy the weekend.

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