Doing something right

Sedona, AZ

Another birthday has come and gone, and I’m finally at the age where every birthday seems like a blessing. I’m not religious (thanks to 13 years of Catholic school), but something or someone has been looking out for me to allow me to live this long. I haven’t done very much to help it along, either. Between bad dieting, little to no exercising, and a taste for booze that went on for way to long, I’m fortunate to be here in the first place.

So why is this post titled “Doing something right”? It seems that as a new year starts for me, I can realize that years from here on need to be earned. The booze is out of my life–fortunately–but the cheeseburger and fries and all of their poisonous ilk still remain. And physical exertion was no problem when I was 12, but at my new age it had better come back to me, and soon. And that’s my birthday present to myself.

Something Roger Ebert wrote a few years ago has stuck with me. He said that it’s better to learn something late in life than to never learn it at all. So I’ll act on this in the year to come, and we’ll see where it leads. It doesn’t mean that I won’t get run over by a bus one day, but it does mean I’ll be smarter than I have been to this point.

3 thoughts on “Doing something right

    1. Thanks Jeff. Happy Father’s day to you. Hope all is well. My little one graduates from 8th grade tomorrow. Time sure flies!

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