Remembering the Dead


Twenty years ago, Armageddon was looming for Chicago. It was a Friday night, the Grateful Dead was playing at Soldier Field, and the Bulls were poised to win the NBA championship at home against the Phoenix Suns.

But things turned out in the end. The rains came–and came some more–and the Bulls lost the game, but still won the championship out in Phoenix. The band played, and it turned out to be the last time I saw them play live.

There hasn’t been anyone else who can play guitar like Jerry Garcia. I’m glad–dare I say grateful?–to have seen him play. And I’m glad that they were OK with the fans taping their shows, too. I think I’ll head over to today and take a listen. Looks like a lousy day outside, but the music will help brighten it up, as it always does.

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