No Game seven, thank you very much

Think back to those Bulls titles of the 1990s for a moment. Of the six championships, only one—against the Trailblazers in 1992–was clinched in Chicago. Had any of those series gone to a Game seven, it would have been a financial bonanza for those with tickets to the game, and for those who owned a bar or restaurant. But it also held a danger that the Bulls might have lost the title, as well. That’s why the Bulls always finished their opponents off when they had the chance to do it. And the Blackhawks did the same thing on Monday night in Boston.

Yes, Monday night’s scintillating finish deprived us all of one last hockey game on Wednesday night, but there were no guarantees that the Blackhawks would win that game, either. With that in mind, and the Stanley Cup now in hand, the only thing left to say is Go Blackhawks! 

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