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The first half of the baseball season came to a close on Sunday night. Actually, it’s just a bit more than 50 percent through the season, but psychologically it’s halfway over. In truth, it’s been over since the middle of April, but schedules have to be honored and rituals have to be adhered to. So shall it be from now through the end of September, and possibly into October if the playoffs are compelling enough. I’m pretty sure they will be, too.

The Cubs had a chance to take a series from the Cardinals and head into the All-Star break with some momentum. But, fittingly enough, their bullpen gave it away on Sunday night, and now there’s a few off days coming up. In the meantime, I’ll be happy to write about things other than this team that’s been frustrating me for decades now. And then, come the weekend, I’ll be back at it again, telling the world of my miseries. Such is life, at least for me. And I’m not complaining, either. At least not for a few days, anyway.

5 thoughts on “Link to a post on ThroughTheFenceBaseball

    1. I was so excited when I found myself in Minneapolis this Spring when the Twins were in town. I think they were playing the Mets that weekend. I’ve heard so many good things about Target Field, and I wanted to see it for myself. But Minnesota weather kicked in, and we wound up at the Mall of America instead. My children didn’t complain about that at all.

      Thanks again for reading!

      1. Yeah, Minnesota weather can throw some curve balls to the plans of baseball. Target Field is beautiful, it would be worth it to try again. We Minnesotans are very proud of it! Have a great night, Allie.

      2. Thanks. You, too. No ballgames tonight to get worked up over.

        I have another post going up in a few minutes with a baseball theme. Hope you have a chance to look it over.

        Take care.

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