Life is short, especially for ex-Cub pitchers


The death of Frank Castillo–who Cubs fans like me remember, but hardly anybody does–was the fourth such death of a Cubs pitcher from the 1990s in the past few years. I don’t know why it’s only the pitchers involved, but even one of these would be strange enough. Four of them, though, is just too bizarre not to mention. So I wrote a piece about it, and it appeared on ThroughTheFenceBaseball today.

Let’s all enjoy our lives while we’re still lucky enough to have them.

4 thoughts on “Life is short, especially for ex-Cub pitchers

    1. For three seasons near the end of his career, yes. He had one inning of work with the Red Sox in 2004, and then the year after that was his last in the majors.

      Thanks for reading my blog. It’s much appreciated.

      1. You’re welcome.

        My recollection of Castillo’s time with the Red Sox is pretty vague, so it’s not surprising he only threw one inning in 2004.

      2. I guess you might say he was on the downside of his career arc by that point. But he pitched for somebody somewhere until he was 39, which is a lot more than I could ever say.

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