An estate sale find


I go to estate sales when I find them, and sometimes I find interesting things at them. Whether this one counts as interesting or not, I wanted to say a few words about it anyway.

I wouldn’t know where to find a coffee mug like this in the modern world, at least when it comes to buying one new. And I wouldn’t go looking for one new to begin with, since I have lots of coffee mugs, already. But when the person who originally found this mug, and then paid retail prices for it, passed over to the great beyond, I was happy to relieve that person’s heirs of this silly little coffee mug for 10 cents. There isn’t too much else that a dime can buy, anyway.

I use this when I’m in the office, and for the rest of the week it’s safely out of my mind. I figure that every time I get up for some coffee, I get a reminder of what’s out there, waiting for me when my time comes. And I hope some like-minded soul will then happen upon this mug, give my heirs a dime, and continue the cycle.

2 thoughts on “An estate sale find

    1. The person who had passed was clearly a big baseball fan. I wish I had some more cash on me than I did. And thanks for the cards! I’m going to sort through a tin of cards I also procured at the sale and send anything Indians related your way. And congratulations on your news, too! Will you now become Baseballgranddad instead? All the best to you and yours (and the Tribe is looking pretty good, too. We’ll call that the icing on the cake.)


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