you made blogging look easy


Every comment I get on this site needs to be moderated by me before it goes live. And more than a few comments (but by no means all of them) obviously come from people who didn’t read the post they’re commenting on. These comments always include a link to something, where undoubtedly I would receive a pitch for some product or service. But if they like what my blog says, maybe I should go and see what they’re selling….

I’m calling BS on that tactic. Whoever told me what they did, in the comment line that I copied and pasted above, was feeding me a line, in the hope that I would bite. Blogging is easy, so long as you’re being true to yourself. This blog is just a reflection of me, and it isn’t anything but easy to put it together. Someone who thinks that an insipid comment like this would convince me to click on their link –or do anything else they wanted me to do–doesn’t know me very well at all.

If you read this and you like it, that’s great. Positive comments can literally make my day, and I’ll accept as many as the blog-reading public wants to serve up. But may I never again get any platitudes attached to an offer to sell me something.

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