It’s not where you start that matters


The poster above is on the walls of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland. The idea that Elvis was ever buried at the bottom of a concert bill, and seemed to get mentioned only because he was a local talent, seems amazing to me. But within a couple of years, he was bigger than all of them could ever dream of. And today, on the anniversary of his death, people come to Graceland from all over the world to commemorate him and his music.

It’s a good thing that Elvis, and everyone else who doesn’t have the recognition that others have, kept on going and doing his thing. All of those gold records that lined the walls of Graceland, and even Graceland itself, must have seemed  a long way away to Elvis Presley when he stepped onto the stage at the Auditorium in Memphis back in early 1955. But he did it anyway, and we’re all glad that he did.

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