A face to last forever


I was futzing around with my teenager’s laptop a few days ago, trying to figure out how something worked, when I made the most exaggerated face that I could. What I didn’t know was that my daughter was in the room, her iPhone at the ready, waiting for an opportunity of some kind. And I–quite unknowingly–obliged her in that regard.

Since this goofy picture is already on her Instagram page, I decided to have some fun with it, too. The eyes that I’m focusing on the screen are too crazy to be ignored, and so I’m sharing them with the world, instead.

I don’t usually look like this. In fact, I’ll probably never look like this again. But rather than being embarrassed about this shot, I’m sending it out to whatever part of the online world happens upon it. I’m helping this image to live forever in cyberspace.

I won’t live forever but, by doing this, my exaggerated visage will. And for some reason I like that idea.

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